Last Longer in Bed: Facts and Tips


The desire to extend playtime beyond its usual duration is a common one among both men and women. If both partners are interested in this, it makes sense to learn some tips about how to last longer in bed – provided that both partners’ expectations are realistic. If one or both partners place unrealistic expectations on the man’s stamina, then performance anxiety can set in and further disrupt sexual pleasure. Since sex is an important part of psychological, relationship and penile health, couples should know not only tips for lasting longer, but facts that dispel common misconceptions about a man’s lasting powers as well.

1. Get the facts straight. There is a notable discrepancy between what people want in bed and what they can reasonably expect (without proper preparations). Consider the following bits of data:

· A Cosmopolitan magazine survey of more than 2,500 women found that more than 70% said their desired length of intercourse (from penetration to male orgasm) is over 10 minutes, with most saying 15-25 minutes.

· The same magazine surveyed about 30,000 men and found that, on average, they want longer sack sessions (including foreplay) to last 35-40 minutes.

· The average man can handle 3-7 minutes of continual thrusting before ejaculating.

Clearly, some of people’s expectations around sex are unrealistic – at least unless they take special measures to lengthen the duration of the activity. It’s not that men have a problem – only 2-5% of men qualify as suffering from premature ejaculation, which is defined as finishing within one minute. Lasting for a short period of time is completely normal, so couples need to understand that, first, it’s not a man’s fault, and, second, both can take steps to lengthen their encounters.

2. Proper training is key. There are a couple things men can do outside of partner play to increase their control over ejaculation timing. One is to perform kegels; this is done by contracting the muscles that control the flow of urine through the penis. The exercise is also known to strengthen erectile function. 3 sets of 15 reps spread throughout the day is sufficient to make a difference, and they can be done anywhere.

Second, men can use their masturbation routine to up their bedroom stamina. This is done by employing a method called edging in which a man brings himself to the brink of orgasm, then stops and waits until he begins to soften to start up again, repeating the process 3 or 4 times before allowing release. This trains him to better control the time of release.

3. Vary the speed. Remember: 3-7 minutes of continual thrusting is the normal time it takes for a healthy man to finish. If both partners are fond of the jackhammer style of sex, fast and constant, it’s not reasonable to expect much longer from a man. Therefore, when he feels close to finishing, he can take this as his cue to slow down – kind of like edging, but with a partner.

4. Try the “7 and 9″ method. The 7 and 9 method dictates a more structured approach to varying speed. The man thrusts fast 7 times, then 9 times more slowly and repeats.

5. Have mid-play. A man can maintain both penile and vaginal stimulation without thrusting in and out. When he’s getting close, he can pull out and rub the head of his penis along the woman’s labia and the opening of her vagina. He can even use the tip to stimulate her clitoris.

6. Thrust shallow. Along with varying thrust speed, the depth can be changed to extend duration. While stimulation of the top of the shaft and head is still immensely pleasurable, it may bring about ejaculation more slowly than full engulfment of the organ. Also, shallow thrusts are best for hitting her G-spot, so she won’t be likely to complain. Classic doggie style with shallow thrusts is great for a man’s ability to control thrust depth and hitting the G-spot.

7. Be more in the moment. Everyone has likely experienced the “race to the finish” mentality. It can be hard to delay that immensely pleasurable moment; sometimes, people fear that they won’t finish if they wait, so they let it happen early on despite an overall desire to go longer. Men can try to shift their perspective from seeing sex as a means to orgasm to seeing it as an enjoyable experience at all its many possible stages.

Men aren’t likely to last longer if their skin is sore and chafed. That’s why it’s a good idea to use plenty of lube during masturbation and sex. It’s also wise to apply a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) after a man’s daily shower. A product with Shea butter and vitamin E can keep the skin is good condition and ready for action.

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Natural Ways to Increase the Female Sex Drive and Lovemaking Performance

If you are struggling with problems such as loss of sex drive, you are not alone many women suffer from this problem, but there are ways of turning the situation around. If you want to know how to increase female sex drive then read on. There are various things you could do to help increase female sex drive, however you must be patient and diligent when undertaking any kind of regime to improve your sexual desire.

Relieve Stress

One of the single most common causes of loss of sex drive in both women and men alike, is stress. Stress can affect the sex drive and can also affect many other areas of your life. In order to see an improvement in sexual desire, you must try to relieve some of your stress. If you work hard and find it difficult to get away from stress then you need to make sure you designate a certain time every night to unwind. Take a nice hot bath with candles and drink a hot drink, try and listen to some soft soothing music as well. Even if you do this once every week for an hour, you will feel a slight difference.

Another thing you could do in order to relieve stress is try and eradicate some of the things that are causing you stress. For example if your job is causing you so much stress that it’s causing you problems then you could try and think of a way of reducing your working hours. You may even think that there is an alternative to that particular job and start thinking about a career change. There may even be certain people in your life for example friends, that could be causing you stress, if this is the case reduce the time you spend with them. Spend more time doing the things you love and less time doing the things you don’t like. You really will see an overall improvement in your sex drive if you greatly reduce your stress levels.


It is a well known fact that exercise can increase your sex drive, due to the fact that it aids in the production of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are often dubbed the happy hormones because they are said to increase the feeling of overall well being. When you feel happy your sexual desire increases. Therefore try to get at least 3 hours of exercise a week, it doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, even just a gentle morning walk could help you. You should see a difference or a marked improvement in your sex drive after about a month of diligent exercise.


If you really want to know how to increase female sex drive, then nutrition is the way forward. It is well documented that if you live an unhealthy lifestyle it can greatly reduce your sex drive. Therefore changing your diet to include more fresh fruits and vegetables can really help. As well as trying to eat a healthier diet, you should also consider eating foods that contain natural estrogen, as estrogen is very important when it comes to female sexual desire. There are various foods you should consider including in your diet but one of the most common foods is flaxseed. This is supposed to contain high levels of estrogen, therefore helping to improve your sexual drive.

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How to Have the Best Sex – 5 Top Tips Towards Orgasm

Your sex life plays an important role in your partnership or marriage. Of course, being able to satisfy your partner is bed is one thing that can make your bond stronger and your married life more exciting as well. If you are determined to bring your sex life a level higher, learn some tips on how to have the best sex.

After years of marriage, you will eventually come to a point of having ‘just the usual lovemaking’ and as men love to have variety in bed, it can become a challenge to please your partner in bed as well. If you are determined to bring your relationship and your sex life a notch higher, you can learn how to please your partner even more and break the usual lovemaking routine you do. A little research would be a great help for you as well.

Here are a few tips that might help you on how to have the best sex and improve your sex life and your relationship as well.

1. Explore different positions. Do not get stuck into the usual ones that you do. You may reach a point that you think you have tried them all, you an also explore other places. You may think of lovemaking outside the bedroom, or you may also spice up an old position with a new technique.

2. Know what can satisfy your partner. If you want to learn how to have the best sex, putting your partner’s needs on top of yours can be a good start for both of you to have the best sex. If you partner is not open with this, especially with women, you can explore creative ways on how to make her talk on what she wants in bed.

3. Learn how to bring your partner to orgasm. Somehow, the learning how to have the best sex can be equated into the ways on how to bring your partner into orgasm. Reaching orgasm simultaneously can even be attainable despite the differences in the way men and women are aroused sexually. With constant practice, you will know where to touch your partner and how you can give her the big O. If you are a man, this might be quite a challenge as many women are still reserved when it comes to what can pleasure them in bed, but you can learn how to make them speak and make them say what they want. Dirty talking can be one of the effective ways that can help you make your woman talk about what they want in bed.

4. Learn the art of dirty talking. One of the things that can pleasure both men and women in bed is knowing that they can arouse and satisfy their partners well. Of course, that is an ego boost and is especially true to men. However, if you do not have a clue on whether your partner feels so satisfied with lovemaking, the act may just be some usual routine that you do. Dirty talking is one good tool that can indeed help you on how to have better sex. In fact, many men love women who moan and react to pleasure than those who just lay there waiting. So if you are a woman, you can also learn the art of dirty talking to help you convey what you want in bed. You don’t have to fake it. This will not only be advantageous to you, it will also arouse your man knowing that he is irresistible.

5. Having the best sex is a business of the mind as much as the sex organs, so make sure that your mindset is prepared and set to have the best sex ever.

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Oral Sex Techniques – Foreplay Tips and How to Use Your Tongue to Give Her Orgasms All Night

When you first start sleeping with a woman, it can be tough to give her her first orgasm. Knowing oral sex techniques is one of the easiest ways to start her down the orgasmic path. Oral sex has many benefits over other kinds of foreplay because it focuses a lot of stimulation on the clitoris. You also have a lot of control, being able to give her an orgasm by making small changes to your position. It is so good for women that for some they can’t orgasm without it.

Oral sex requires a lot of technique. While you can just go down on her and move your tongue around, having good oral sex technique makes a big difference. In order to give her the best orgasms she has ever had, it becomes important to learn to use your tongue effectively.

Oral Orgasms, How to Use Your Tongue Effectively

Many guys make a mistake, thinking that oral sex only has one type. In fact there are a lot of variations that are possible that create infinite subtle differences that she will appreciate. One of the most important is knowing the difference between using the flat and tip of your tongue.

As a general rule:

* The tip of your tongue is a lot more effective during the foreplay stage. A sexy idea that women love is to use just the very tip and trace the outline of her underwear. This builds up a lot of tension, especially if you leave her underwear on for a long time as a hot tease.

* When you take off her clothes, use the tip of your tongue to flick across her clitoris and occasionally her perineum. This mixture of two erogenous zones will really give her a lot of pleasure.

Oral Sex Tongue Techniques: The Flat of the Tongue and Stroking Her Clitoris

Most women need a lot more stimulation to achieve orgasm. Therefore it is better to use as much of your tongue as possible as she comes to orgasm. Reach your tongue as far out of your mouth as possible and rest it against your chin. As your tongue is fully extended, it can be difficult to make many motions with it, therefore your head becomes a lot more important, move your head up-and-down and side-to-side, mixing these movements with different speeds and tempos to find the one that is best for your partner.

The tongue is one of the most important things to master if you want to consistently give her orgasms. Experiment with these sexy tips today. Once you can use your tongue effectively a world of orgasmic pleasure and amazing sex awaits both of you.

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